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Nike Platinum Marketing Event

The launch of Nike’s new Phantom Vision boot took place on the 26th of July 2018, alongside a full experiential marketing event. The launch kicked off from Cherry Orchard FC in Dublin, where the U13 squad returned from training to find their clubhouse and dressing room fully transformed by Nike & Lifestyle to showcase the new product. Nike created an immersive, in depth look at their new product from the clubhouse.


Platinum Brand Ambassadors for Nike’s Experiential Marketing Event

Platinum staff working at Nike x Lifestyle Sports event

Platinum were tasked with providing brand ambassador for this event to add to the immersive nature of the launch and ensure every aspect of it was running smoothly.

Our staff worked alongside the Nike employees and Cherry Orchard staff in providing each player with their full personalised kit, operating the Fifa 18 stations in the clubhouse and ensuring all attendees received a cheeky Nandos.
We stayed on brand by wearing a tick from our head to our feet – that’s Nike (And that’s pricey ✅)

The Outcome:

The entire event was captured on film as further promotion for Nike & Lifestyle Sports. Watch it below ⚽️


View more photos from the event in our gallery below ??


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