Platinum Pressing #001

A weekly roundup of the need-to-know news, culture, design and experiential from around the world.

Welcome to Platinum Pressing Issue #001.  By definition, ‘Pressing’ is anything that requires quick or immediate action or attention. With the current global situation, we felt this was an appropriate term to apply to our new contribution. Through this, we will be sharing the campaigns and content that required quick action or reaction to create, and that deserve your immediate attention. Noteworthy examples will be taken from around the globe ranging from the worlds of experiential, events, digital, arts, music, fashion and many more. Being based in Ireland and Canada, we will be placing a particular focus and homage to both of these markets in an aim to highlight local stories and insights.We hope these successes inspire you and that the creativity keeps you feeling optimistic during these times.

What’s Pressing This Week

Another week in quarantine due to COVID-19 has seen more creative responses from artists, marketers, and just about anybody else. Necessity is the mother of invention, and right now we have a need to be entertained. This week what caught our eyes most was

Miniature Clay Room Models by Eny Lee Parker

Is Copper The Virus Prevention Material of the Future?

The ‘COVID-19 Tourism Bureau’

Bedroom Musical Performances


Brooklyn interior designer Eny Lee Parker kept her Instagram followers active by launching Clay Play –  A competition for them to create a clay model their ideal room. Speaking to Dezeen, Parker said “You need a balance of being well-informed, and keep living while finding positivity to stay sane and safe.”  Wise words and a fun competition. Have a look at some of the clay creations below. 

Experiential – Production

Copper: Worth your brand’s coin? 
As our live experiential production remains on standby for the moment, our designers are already researching for the future of our brand activation campaigns. As with a lot of areas in the events industry, we are aware that design and production styles/materials may have to change too. This industry often deals with a lot of close interactions and high contact touch-points. Event producers post pandemic will be faced with challenges that they have never faced (and potentially never even thought of) before. Materials is a common topic that arises at the table in the planning stages of a campaign between our design, production and field teams – one team arguing for it to be light and agile for transport and installation, another team screaming for the most premium Hungarian Oak. We will hold our hands up and admit “How is that material for preventing the spread of infectious diseases?” is a question that we have never even considered. That sure is about to change. For the protection of public safety, we believe that we are going to see a change in materials used for events in the future with virus prevention strongly in mind. This will be particularly relevant where there are high touch surfaces, communal areas and large crowds. Copper, a material that we have previously utilised for builds with Jameson and Powers is currently at the forefront of our mind. Not without its downfalls, it certainly is leading the way for its germ fighting capabilities.

See here for more.


“Coronavirus Tourism Bureau” advertisements, created by California based graphic designer Jennifer Baer. Two exciting holiday destinations we’ve all visited recently.


First up on our music section is England’s Tom Misch, who has kept busy in his bedroom recording his own ‘Quarantine Sessions’. Expect the usual smooth guitar playing but in a laid back loop-station fashion. This mashup of Luther Vandross’s  ‘Never Too Much’ and Mac Miller’s  ‘What’s the Use’ is perfect isolation listening.

What We’ve Been Doing

As well as enjoying all of the above, we’ve been creating our own COVID-19 outlet. Last week we launched the first instalment of our ne IGTV series ‘Platinum Platform’ (We clearly can’t get enough of the P aliteration)
We designed a digital stage to invite performers to perform on through video submissions. Last week’s episode featured comedy from Joe Rooney and music from TOUCAN.

We hope you enjoyed the first installment of Platinum Pressing. We’ll be back next week with more to inspire and entertain. 

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