Platinum Pressing #003

A weekly roundup of the need-to-know news, culture, design and experiential from around the world.

What’s Pressing This Week

As a sign of the vigour and creativity of brands and artists, this week we saw some campaign pivoting that Ross Geller could only dream of. Once again centred around the creative overcomings of COVID-19 and social distancing, here is what’s #Pressing this week.

Brand Ad Spend (News)

Classic Ads – COVID Edition (Video)

From Bar to Liquor Store (Toronto Experiential)

Facemasks From New Sources (News)

The Quarantine Life of Emojis (Design)

Travis Scott’s Fortnite Stormer (Music)


Is Brand Spending Up or DOWN

It’s a mixed bag. L’Oreal has postponed launches, pushing everything back until the second half of the year. The brand has seen some bounce back growth in China but has still slashed AD spends. Chairman-CEO Jean-Paul Agon said “It doesn’t make sense to advertise on TV products when consumers can’t purchase them because stores are closed.” To put this in perspective L’Oreals TV AD spend in the US from April 2-15 was $1.1m compared to Unilever spending $14m on just the Dove brand in the same period! P&G spent $5.7m in the same period.

On Trade Becomes Off Trade

Vita Con Stile – Houses of Peroni

Toronto bar Civil Liberties has pivoted to offer at-home cocktail kits, wines and other food and drinks available on their website for home delivery. The Christie-Pitts area bar cleverly repurposed LCBO branding to create their CLBO (Civil Liberties Bottle Offerings) sign.


COVID-19 Twists On TV Ad Classics

Budweiser have put a quarantine twist on an iconic 90’s ad in the new ‘Whassup Bud’ commercial. 90’s landline group phone call vibes (Pre-Zoom days) meets solid mental health and friendship advice. 
Buds support Buds. Say Whassup to yours.

Photography & Digital

P&G took a similar approach with their old favourite, Old Spice. Terry Crews made his triumphant return telling consumers to stay home in two separate online ads

Design & Experiential

NBA Facemask Style

The NBA has gotten into the facemask game. The White House has advised all Americans to wear masks in public, while New York has made it mandatory for all New Yorkers to wear a mask in public. So it seems facemasks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and the NBA is getting involved. Last week the League announced they are selling team branded masks for all 30 mens and 12 women’s teams. The masks will cost $15 dollars and all proceeds will be donated to charity. To see more or purchase a mask, check out the NBA webstore here.


Jessica Walsh of &Walsh, a New York creative agency created this COVID-19 emoji set to better express our quarantine reality through emojis. The set features some appropriately confused faces. superhero health workers and our personal favourite – a nod to the breadmasters enjoying some isolation baking.

What Not To Do

During this time, governments globally have been assisting people with financial aid. Fashion Nova, a trending clothing brand, conducted a promotion that targeted those who obtained a ‘stimulus check’ via direct text message. Making light of financial difficulties and encouraging inappropriate spending of this government aid is not a great look for the brand. We think a different approach should have been taken here.


‘Unprecedented times’ has become even more apt when one of the biggest music events of the year has just taken place within Fortnite. Over 12 million users watched the concert live within the game, as well as many watching on streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube. It’s easy to be skeptical of this before watching, but trust us – you need to see this.

That’s all for this week folks! Keep the quarantine morale up, focus on the positives and keep the baked goods coming. Thanks for tuning in to another week of Platinum Pressing, we’ll see you next week for more of our favourites.

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