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A weekly roundup of the need-to-know news, culture, design and experiential from around the world.

What’s Pressing This Week

This week we have yet another eclectic mix that only a lockdown could provide. Featuring more in the emerging areas of AR and online festivals, as well as adaptive design, here’s what’s pressing this week.

  • The Return of Football, UFC, Golf (Sport)
  • #ArchitectureFromHome (News)
  • Canned Cocktails (Drinks)
  • Cadbury – This Doesn’t Need to End (Video)
  • Damien Hirst X Snapchat (Design/AR)
  • Luxury PPE (Design)
  • Molson Coors’ Ad Spend (Advertising)
  • Dog Adoption (Lifestyle)
  • Remote Utopias (Music)

Sports News

Football is Back… Almost

The German Bundesliga is coming back. The league had announced they were coming back to play live matches in front of crowds of 350 people, but televised live to millions. All players will be tested before they are allowed back to individual team facilities to train. From this point on they will be tested every 2-3 days. The league was hoping they could return playing games as soon as May 9th, but this has now been pushed back to May 15th at the earliest. This again will be a much needed stimulus for brands who are looking for relevant spaces to advertise in.

UFC 249 

Following previous failed attempts for UFC 249 to proceed on the originally scheduled date when California governors managed to get TV partners Disney and ESPN to persuade the UFC to postpone the fight, the event has been rescheduled for May 9th in Jacksonville Florida. The current event consists of US residents. However you may feel about the sport, this event is a bold statement and will attract advertisers and consumers. A live event when there are no live events happening – viewership will most certainly increase.

McIlroy Features in Charity Golf Match

Live golf returns for the first time in a charity match featuring some of the sports’ biggest stars. Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson will face Rickie Fowler and Matthew Wolff in a match raising $3 million in corporate sponsor donations as well as viewer donations.
McIlroy and Johnson are playing in aid of the American Nurses Foundation, and Fowler and Wolff will play for the CDC Foundation.


Pass Me a Can!
There has been a spike in canned alcoholic beverages within the last year and it continues to trend leading into the warmer months of 2020. Setting a path on the Canadian scene is Nutrl, Whiteclaw and Tromba. Their low-calorie and “healthy alternative” agenda has been greatly received by the health conscious demographic and has made cans a trend in the alcohol industry. 

In the past, a canned cocktail was attached to negative connotations such as laziness, cheap, immaturity and unhealthy. Nowadays, the market has shifted. Canned cocktails are high in demand and being enjoyed by everyone. For more information on the popularity of canned cocktails, amongst millennials in particular, see here.


More COVID-19 Emotive Adverts

Cadbury’s focus on the positives of how we have adapted and behaved under the restrictions of lockdown. They highlight the acts of kindness and selflessness that have come as a result and encourage this to continue longer than lockdown.

Damien Hirst x Snapchat

Snapchat and Damien Hirst have teamed up to create a new custom lens which users can use to create their own ‘spin paintings’ in the style of the British artist. The collaboration is in partnership with ‘Partners In Health” – an organisation helping communities in developing countries manage the effects of COVID-19.
See the lens in action, and how it was created, in the video below.


Luxury PPE
Moving froward from last weeksface masks, we see fashions designers, namely New Yorks Joe Doucet designing an entire face shield. The shield is designed to be not only stylish, it is also designed to be less uncomfortable. More accesories, more fashion, more safety. The design is simple, the mask is a thin shield that is attached to a set of sunglasses. The designers inspiration was simple ” “Until a vaccination is confirmed to be effective and rolled out through a global, mass immunisation programme, we all will have to integrate forms of social distancing and PPE into our daily routines.”

What about the kids? 

British archietects have it covered. In a bid to continue to stimulate and educate the minds of the youth, Foster & Partners are publishing a series of architechtural challenges called #architecturefromhome.

Katy Harris, senior partner at Foster & Partners sums up the program excellently: “The recent lockdown has offered us an opportunity to create a number of online initiatives that educate and entertain our online community and support parents and carers with children who may not attending school at the moment”


Molson Coors cuts and moves ad spend
Molson Coors has announced they will be cutting $200m from their annual spend amidst the COVID 19 pandemic. Why? The brand has seen a massive decrease in sales, namely in their on-trade/in premise accounts which account for 23% of their overall sales. All this according their first quarter reports. While the brand saw an initial increase as consumers stockpiled, these figures have now flattened out with global sales down 8%. To contextualize this, in numbers the brand lost $117m.

Consumers’ habits are changing, premium brands are down, more affordable brands are flourishing. As a result of this, company executives are altering their marketing spend. The will now focus on going all in on what’s selling, and reducing (even cutting altogether) ad spends on what is not selling.

Molson Coors CEO Gavin Hattersley said on the earnings call.“We will be eliminating marketing spend that doesn’t add any value at this point in time,” he said, like investments in bar and restaurant programs. “We were expecting a large increase in marketing spend in 2020, [but] I don’t think we can expect that right now.”

New products like the hard seltzer have also been shelved until the Autumn at the earliest. The brand looks to be consolidating and trying to maintain as best it can, waiting for a more settled economy to look for growth.


Dogs Dogs Dogs
In recent weeks you have made banana bread, turned your homes into gyms, become a self-certified sommelier, nailed a TikTok dance, established that online shopping is a sport and contemplated getting a dog.

During this time of change, everyone has readjusted their lifestyles for the safety of others and themselves by social distancing. Due to this social adjustment, it has been lonely for most and dog adoption is trending globally. This trend not only brings awareness to animal cruelty, but helps with mental health and companionship during the time of social distancing. See more here


Jameson continue their maintain their strong link with live music with “Remote Utopias”. The Irish Distillers brand partnered with NST radio in the UK to bring a 24 hour virtual radio festival to online punters this past weekend. NTS Radio have described the event as “a 24hr radio takeover across two live channels, bringing together musicians, DJs, artists and filmmakers from across the globe for a whirlwind of music of all genres, exclusive premieres, radio and live video streams”. 

Folks who tuned in were treated to a variety of acts from Kiwi JessB to Dublin native Rejjie Snow. 

With the outside world currently out of scope for advertising, brands are becoming ever more creative in finding viable ways to reach their audience. Online concerts may not be the future we all expected, but they are here for now at least. It looks like brands are starting to take notice and get on board with supporting them.

That’s all for this week folks! Thanks for tuning in to another week of Platinum Pressing, we’ll see you next week for more of our favourites. Thanks again for subscribing. We hope you’re enjoying our new outlet during the lockdown days.
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