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What’s Pressing This Week

This week sees more progress in companies’ responses to COVID and plans of how the near future will look. Things will be different, but informed creative approaches and a positive attitude are making for solutions we can’t wait to see in practice. Here’s what’s Pressing this week.

Life after COVID for Nike retailSports MarketingHow will our social distancing offices lookWhat about the schools, how will they look?Ikea’s Home FortsAR in our homesAviation – how will it be made safe?The markets are bouncing back5 COVID Tech Trends
Sports News

The ‘New Normal’ for Nike
Nike’s head of consumer and retail Heidi O’Neil spoke to Input Magazine about the future of shopping at Nike in a post-COVID world. The disruption to Nike’s massive retail network has the company taking many different approaches to selling.
In the interview, O’Neil states that Nike sees an opportunity in video-streaming, their own-brand apps SNKRS and Nike’s Run Club (Which added over 1 million new users in March, and a 42 percent increase in completed runs!)
We will also see a bigger push on online click and collect – “Just think about the joy of buying online, picking up in-store, but not getting out of the car.” We look forward to seeing what creative experiences brands can create with this approch.
Nike’s already-established ‘Instant Checkout’ will also prove useful in this time as their digital shopping experience needs to be as seamless as possible to convert new users. 
Read the full article on Input Magazine here
Sports Marketing

58% of fans won’t be going to a sports match anytime soon, and on top of that most people won’t feel comfortable going again until a COVID vaccine returns.

Right now, and for the foreseeable, sport is a very different industry to what we once knew. At 2.15 pm on Saturday, there were a lot of fans sitting down to watch the return of the German Bundesliga with a beer at home quite excited. Despite the few Instagram stories claiming “Football is Back”, there is no denying that it doesn’t feel the same.
The lack of atmosphere greatly effects the viewing experience and in fact, it felt quite easy to zone out and lose concentration Does this then create an opportunity for the broadcasters and marketers to make remote viewing more engaging? Thinking outside of the box and using all of the tools at our disposal may be key to this – Interactivity and immersive tech could be the only way to bring fans back close to the action.

Gareth Balch, chief executive of Two Circles backs this up :”The sports properties that use this period to invest in their sponsorship propositions, moving away in particular from analogue-led logo exposure to digitally driven, tangible audience engagement, will be those that thrive most post-Covid-19.”

How will our social distancing offices look? 
There will likely be fewer offices in the centre of big cities, more hybrid schedules that allow workers to stay home part of the week and more elbow room as companies free up space for social distancing. For the offices that do remain, Weston Williamson and Partners have a proposal as to what they think the future office space will look like. The proposal will be put to the test in their London offices with transparent screens around desks, hands-free doors and a barista, to allow employees to safely return to their office following the lockdown. The space will have plenty of graphics to allow employees work safely while keeping the distance. Chris Williamson, partner at the architecture firm has said “”We want to give our colleagues the choice some are very enthusiastic about moving out of their flats and getting back to some sort of normality. Others have some concerns. We need to be mindful of both. It’s a whole new level of flexible working.”
To increase the amount of space available per person, the studio intends on allowing at least half of its 100 staff to work from home each day, with office attendance assigned by day. Williamson wants to use the pandemic to make lasting improvements to the office and expects many of the adaptions to the office to be made permanent.
“We have always tried to have a relaxed, friendly studio with a kitchen table feel and this will continue,” he said.

What about the schools, how will they look?
Well look no further, the answer is here. Another UK based design house believes the answer is tents. Think more like a gazebo for a wedding than camping! The studio is proposing these tents as they will allow everyone the adequate space to maintain social distancing. Curl la Tourelle Head envisions the pop-up teaching spaces being erected at schools to expand capacity for socially distanced learning and reduce the reliance on restricted circulation routes. The tents would be set up on the schools’ existing playing areas/ fields. This would then allow students to separate inside according to social distancing protocols. The proposal will effectively double the schools’ classroom sq. footage and allow the lessons to take place. More from the studio here.
AR in our homes
Olafur Eliasson is bringing rare natural matter, including a burning sun and a sprightly puffin, into people’s homes with his AR Wunderkammer works. The project is available to all on the Acute Art app which is a partnership with the designer. The app gives users the chance to view rocks from outer space as well as rare earthly creatures as if they were right there with them. The Danish Icelandic artist created the app in order to promote staying home. Instead of going out, he wants users to bring the outside inside. The program allows the public to bring imaginary friends (of all shapes and sizes into their home again through augmented reality. Titled Wunderkammer, the project takes its name from the German word for “cabinets of curiosities” – a trend that began in Europe in the mid-sixteenth-century to keep collections of exotic objects.
The artworks will be available to experience for free through the Acute Art app and the artist plans to release a further series at a later date. For more follow the link
Are IKEA starting to produce Event Structures?
Nope, just home-fort designs for children in lockdown. Some adults (us) might want to get involved too.
Other News

Aviation – how will it be made safe? 
It seems like we are slowly seeing countries open back up. However one thing there seems to be no mention of is air travel. It is safe to say all our summer plans have been cancelled and we are missing our getaways. So when and how can we get back to travelling? Aviation consultancy Factorydesign has envisioned how social distancing could be achieved on planes after the peak of the corona virus pandemic with its isolation screen divider kit. Their plan is to offer increased protection to passengers while still maximizing the seat capacity with the current protocols. “We felt there was a need to offer airlines the simplest possible addition to a seat,” explained Adam White, director at Factorydesign. The kit the designers propose would convert the middle seat into a divider. The screen would fit around the current seat and would be fixed in place using the belt. 
5 COVID Tech Trends 
Work from home is the new reality for many businesses as they to operate during COVID-19 restrictions. Schools and colleges are conducting online classes to complete their syllabus; social distancing is the new norm in grocery stores and E-commerce companies are making Covid-safe deliveries to their customers. We’ve rounded up five Covid-19 trends that we’ve noticed:Virtual Meetings – Our personal and business meetings are now all virtual. Whether it’s a call with dad or a catch up with your boss.E-Learning – Anyone with friends of loved ones still in University will know that the learning hasn’t stopped. Submissions and classes still carry on online.5G is now – The above two have meant we need faster data, we will as a necessity adopt 5G faster. And no, 5G is not the cause of Covid-19.Shared Spectrum – In short this service allows companies to reach a greater audience for longer. We are advertising more online, thus the demand for this service has gone up. AI and Machine Learning – With increased demand on networks we will need more efficient decision making, AI/ML will help companies do thisThe markets are bouncing back
After weeks of turmoil amid uncertainty the FTSE seems to be coming back slowly. Blue chip shares rose more than 3% on Monday after five straight weeks of falling prices. The increase in stock prices came as a result of talk of restriction being slightly eased around major global cities coupled with reports from Spain, Italy and NYC that they believe they have passed their peak. Respectively The Dow Jones was up 6%. This news is astonishing given the turmoil in the building and automotive markets, in the UK sales of new cars fell 44% in March compared to March 2019. 
Our buddies at Jameson and John Carroll pulled out all the stops for their World Whiskey Day live stream live from the famous Bow Street distillery on Saturday. If you missed it, catch the broadcast below for “Songs, stories, cocktails”
Jameson’s live stream from World Whiskey Day featuring Gavin James
That’s all for this week folks! Thanks for tuning in to another week of Platinum Pressing, we’ll see you next week for more of our favourites. Thanks again for subscribing. We hope you’re enjoying our new outlet during the lockdown days.
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