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What’s Pressing This Week

This week we saw massive continued support for the human rights movement Black Lives Matter coming from all over the world in many different forms. We’ve also seen signs of the easing of social distancing rules as well as eagerness from consumers to begin meeting friends and entering the big bad world again. As always many creative and poignant approaches to these trends have caught our eye – here’s what’s Pressing this week.

#BlackLivesMatter Design Resources

Pan Cooke’s BLM Comics

Social Distancing in Schools

Quarantine Barbie

Netflix & Black Mirror


Covid Study

Denis Chaila


Graphic Designers Support #BlackLivesMatter Movement 
In an age when visual representations information is paramount to capturing people’s attention, graphic designers play a key part in ensuring information is consumed and understood. 
People are joining in marches and protests worldwide to protest the death of George Floyd and the death of many other black people at the hands of the police in the US. Social media has been instrumental to the spread of information and has allowed people everywhere to educate themselves on what’s going on now, as well as what has happened in the past. To learn more, sign petitions and donate to various organisations, visit this page –

Here’s some of the artwork created by designers on Instagram in support of the movement and in memory of George Floyd

Comic Book Depiction of Police Injustice 

Irish artist Pan Cooke creates a hard-hitting comic book describing scenes of police brutality against black people in the US. Tamir Rice, Breonna Taylor, Jemel Roberson, and Eric Garner See the full versions @thefakepan on Instagram.

Social Distancing at Schools

These mobile screens propose a potential solution to spread of COVID-19 in schools. Furniture manufacturer UNIT Fabrications created moving screens for a primary school in London to allow pupils to return to classrooms.UNIT Fabrications created the screens after being approached by the Charles Dickens Primary School’s head teacher to help create a masterplan to implement social distancing measures at the school.”The plan needed to divide and utilise the existing space, whilst creating a friendly, visually clear map for pupils to safely navigate the space,” said UNIT Fabrications director Toby Hadden.

Barbie & Ken in Lockdown

It’s not all paradise for the iconic power couple Barbie & Ken. They too must overcome the difficulties of isolating with a partner during lockdown. Special edition Barbies often focus on an exciting lifestyle, but this Barbie is finding fun in the mundane of lockdown with washing detergent and a book on splitting household chores. Barbie and Ken can’t be the only ones who need a read of this book during lockdown.

Black Mirror or Reality?

In a simple, effective, and accurate campaign, this Black Mirror poster is simply a mirror.
This is perfect for user-generated content, with many people stopping to take photos for a relatable social media post.

Covid News

23andme Covid Study

Popular ancestry researcher 23andme are looking for a new way to put all that DNA data from customers to good use by identifying genes that could affect the severity of COVID-19. So far, 600,000 23andMe customers, including 8,000 who’ve tested positive for the coronavirus, have opted in to participate. Now, the company is opening the research to others who have been hospitalized but aren’t currently customers. That’s because most of the people who opted in have had mild or moderate symptoms, but the study could use more people who’ve had severe cases. For more click.


In celebration of the many great black Irish artist pushing boundaries, here’s a performance to sum it all up. Clare artist Denise Chaila performs her pronunciation tutorial banger live for Other Voices. Recorded right where it belongs in the National Gallery of Ireland. Great tune and great performance!
Denise Chaila and GodKnows performing “CHAILA”
That’s all for this week folks! Thanks for tuning in to another week of Platinum Pressing. We hope you’re still staying safe and learning about much more than just making banaa bread at the moment. 
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