Shopping’s Coming Home! – Pop-Up Shops & Retail’s Revival

The Desire for Direct-to-Consumer Experiences Continues in 2019

While it may have seemed like physical stores were becoming a thing of the past, replaced by increasingly seamless e-commerce experiences, their revival has begun already. Retail is back in the creative new guise of pop-up stores, and consumers are back in the streets to relish it. Perhaps we enjoy human interaction after all!

Despite the vast rise in online shopping, brick & mortar stores are seeing a resurgence. A recent study from Diffusion shows that 81% of consumers intend to shop in retail stores this year. Even e-commerce giants Amazon created a brick & mortar presence in 2018. Not only are retail stores more popular than we may have expected, they are also being transformed.

2019 Is The Year Of The Pop-Up Shop

Nike Pop Up Shop for the Launch of the 270

Pop-ups are a means for brands to disrupt the retail industry. They allow brands to have an on-street presence without the long-term commitment to renting a permanent space. This allows pop-ups to be more trend based, engagement focused experiences. Brands can make use of their versatile nature to carefully craft events and retail experiences that truly engage consumers more than permanent retail fixtures. The high-street is far from dead when brands adopt a new and interesting approach to their store experience. Consumers making a return to retail must be seen as an opportunity for brands to get creative with their physical presence.

E-Commerce experts forecast more brand partnerships and retail pop ups to come this year. From rapper YG launching his album ‘Still Brazy’ with a pop-up art installation in LA, to clothing brand HUMAN MADE collaborating with KFC for a Fashion/Food pop-up in NYC, and countless photo-op museums, any brand of any kind can get creative and get involved in the potential of pop-ups.

Retail Meets Digital

Worldwide brands such as Lego, Volvo, Nike and many more have already joined in the pop-up revolution. The most innovative brands have integrated digital elements to the experience too. Doing this is paramount to encouraging a largely digital audience to indulge in a temporary retail experience. Social media giants Snapchat and Instagram have made clever use of augmented reality and integrated shopping within their apps to add to brands’ retail experience, and appeal to our desire to share our experiences on social! Not creating Instagram worthy installations at your pop-up is a missed opportunity for further brand exposure online.

Lego and Snapchat Team Up For Augmented Reality Pop-Up

Here’s an example of a recent pop-up success with Jameson that we were delighted to be involved in.

Pop Up Shop Dublin

The Jameson Black Barrel Pop Up shop on South William Street came equipped with product education, whiskey sampling, and complimentary personalisation on every bottle purchased. The fire-inspired aesthetic of the interior created a very on-brand vibe. The fire theme continued on the shop front, decorated with an eye-catching spray-paint blaze. This created a buzz around the pop-up shop, catching the attention of every passing consumer. Customers came in by the masses to see what was inside the shop and take advantage of the many Instagrammable photo-ops. As a result, this made for great online exposure through Instagram, Facebook and blogs.

Platinum Brand Ambassador Training

As always, we trained our staff extensively so that they could represent this brand like experts. Firstly, every staff member in the shop was trained at the Jameson Distillery gift shop, and also attended a day’s training on how to operate the engraving machine correctly. Along with our continuous staff training, this in depth practice is standard at Platinum for every gig.

Platinum Brand Ambassadors Dublin

Finally, the KPIs don’t lie! Thousands of consumers were sampled over the two weeks, and hundreds of bottles sold.

As always, we produced a wrap video! The video below showcases our work on the project. From the first days of staff training to the finished product. Watch the experience on YouTube below.

If you have any questions about creating a pop-up of your own, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at We Are Platinum!

Watch the experience on YouTube here

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