The Importance of Professional Hospitality Staff


So often we see clients trying to cut corners when it comes to hospitality staffing, both on brand campaigns and destination management trips, and almost every time it leads to the detriment of a perfect programme.

hospitality-staffOften, companies look to hospitality desk staff as a place where they can reduce cost by using their own internal team. This can pose several problems. Through experience of organising premium staffing packages for a range of different incentives, venues and client campaigns, we try to advise our clients against using their own internal staff as a cost saving measure.

The greatest testament to this comes from our longest serving clients, who would never even dream of trying to use internal teams, as they are more than aware of the value that professional hospitality staff offer.

Here are our top three tips to a professional approach – ensuring flawless execution every time:

Respect The Attendees: You can’t afford to let someone down by having competing priorities and scattered employee attention. We have all seen it – the marketing professional who needs to leave the desk to put up a stand, the executive assistant who has emails to catch up with for their daily requirements. This causes uncertainty and leads to frustrated guests – tarnishing their experience. Guests will want to feel valued and cared for. They will want special attention. This requires all of your focus, and a lot of your time!

First Impressions Last: It is pivotal that you don’t let the attendee’s first onsite experience be a bad one. You may not think much about who welcomes and greets your guest’s at the event, but it’s important. People talk.

Knowledge is Key: You need staff that can offer the perfect response and right suggestion to every enquiry. An untrained team will be glaringly obvious and attendees will not be confident approaching them with questions, which defeats the purpose of having them there in the first place!!

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